Come together to support neighborhood businesses.

As the necessary COVID-19 precautions continue to affect the neighborhood businesses and service providers our communities rely on, we’re asking our neighbors everywhere to step up and help support them if they can. When communities come together, incredible things can happen.

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Here’s how it works.
Make your pledge.
Commit to help neighborhood businesses and service providers in need.
Share your pledge.
Get the word out to friends, family, colleagues and neighbors so they can pledge their support as well.
Act on your pledge.
Fulfill your promise to support neighborhood businesses in need: donate money, tip generously, buy gift cards, and reach out with encouragement.
Ready to pledge?
Create a group and pledge support.

Unite your community, friends, or family (or all the above) to support neighborhood businesses in need.

Join a Pledge Group and pledge support.

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Group Leaderboard

Ring Santa Monica Office
402 Businesses Supported by 95 Pledges
Summerlin - LV
177 Businesses Supported by 29 Pledges
Neighbors by Ring
129 Businesses Supported by 33 Pledges
Ring Team - Malvern
127 Businesses Supported by 44 Pledges
Cleveland Office
90 Businesses Supported by 16 Pledges
LA Tech Community
76 Businesses Supported by 10 Pledges
Ring Design Team
74 Businesses Supported by 10 Pledges
South Bay Neighbors
69 Businesses Supported by 9 Pledges
Friendly Neighborhood Businesses
54 Businesses Supported by 4 Pledges
Amsterdam Markets
42 Businesses Supported by 11 Pledges